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canonistas's Journal

Canonistas; Canon/Continuity Junkies
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Just formed - a slash and het friendly place to discuss comic* canon and continuity.

Basically - we all know that canon is full of crack. It contradicts itself, it stands on its ear, it makes us insane. On the other hand, it's nice to be able to hunt down the tidbits you need to make sure your fic isn't fscking up in terms of continuity, or just to get questions answered. The more specific you are with the questions you ask and the information you provide, the better. Debate and discussion on exactly how much crack was in that pipe the writers were smoking is also welcome.

Don't flame each other. Opinions are opinions, and canon is canon. Neither are right all the time and you can't change them with rudeness. Don't make me kick you out or I will be sad. <3

* Any and all comics as well as related movies, television shows, books, etc.